Our savoir faire

The vines

From December to March we prune the vines by hand using the “Guyot simple” pruning method.

Between April and June, we perform de-budding to remove any unwanted growth that might produce an excess of grapes.

The month of June is spent lifting up the growth on each side of the row and attaching it on metal wires.

The grapes are usually gathered at the end of September with the help of a harvesting machine.

Besides the manual labor during the growth cycle, various tasks are carried out mechanically: plowing, topping and trimming, and phytosanitary protection against disease.



In the winery

Immediately after harvesting, the grapes are pressed using a pneumatic press, allowing us to obtain the highest quality juice.

We let the juice settle for 48 hours, then rack it off to obtain a clarified must.

After this procedure, alcoholic fermentation begins. This lasts from 10 days to 3 weeks at a controlled temperature of 18-19°C in our thermo-regulated stainless steel tanks. This low temperature fermentation helps conserve the aromas in the wine.

Three months after the end of fermentation, we rack off to separate the clear wine from the lees. Then the wines are blended according to their characteristics to produce the various finished wines we offer, and the first bottling is generally carried out in February.



Pressoir Pneumatique

Stockage Bouteilles